Addons & Modules in row
Go to Layout config of one Homepage

Example you create a new row

Click on Row layout button, choose layout you want for this row, example 6|6, you will have 2 columns in this row, each column has width is 6

You also can choose custom layout, fill width what you want.

Click on Setting button on Column
  • 1Custom CSS Clas : use this field to add a class name and then refer to it in your css file.
  • 2Medium Layout : set width for this column in medium device
  • 3Tablet Layout : set width for this column in small device.
  • 4Mobile layout : set width for this column in mobile device.
  • 5Background Image : Set Background Image for Row, select image from folder or upload new.
  • 6Background Size : choose size for background: cover, contain or inherit.
  • 7Background Repeat : select type of repeat
  • 8Background Position : choose position
  • 9Background Attachment : fixed, scroll or inherit.

For each Column, you can add addons or modules for this column, click on "Addons" button, you will have options for choosing

My theme provides 26 addons and you also can add modules into Columns. You can drag and drag for moving addon/module from this column to other column also.