JMS Blog Widget
JMS Blog widget has 2 parts, 1 show latest blog items at homepage, 1 show categories, archive and tab popular/recent/comment blog items at left column or right column

Go to Modules > Modules > JMS Blog Widget, click Configure
  • 1Total number of items: total of items will load
  • 2Number of items to show: number of items will show each time
  • 3Auto Play: auto play
  • 4Rewind: rewind
  • 5Scroll Per Page: Slider Scroll Per Page.
  • 6Show Category: Yes/No
  • 7Show Media : Yes/No
  • 8Show Introtext : Yes/No
  • 9Introtext character limit : limit charaters of introtext
  • 10Show Readmore : Yes/No
  • 11Show Created Time : Yes/No
  • 12Show Comment Number : Yes/No
  • 13Show Views Number : Yes/No