JMS Blog Widget
JMS Blog widget has 2 parts, 1 show latest blog items at homepage, 1 show categories, archive and tab popular/recent/comment blog items at left column or right column. But with new jms pagebuilder, it has blog widget for showing at homepage, now only use jms blogwidget for showing left sidebar.

Go to Modules > Modules > JMS Blog Widget, click Configure
  • 1Total number of items: total of items will load
  • 2Number of items to show: number of items will show each time
  • 3Auto Play: auto play
  • 4Rewind: rewind
  • 5Scroll Per Page: Slider Scroll Per Page.
  • 6Show Category: Yes/No
  • 7Show Media : Yes/No
  • 8Show Introtext : Yes/No
  • 9Introtext character limit : limit charaters of introtext
  • 10Show Readmore : Yes/No
  • 11Show Created Time : Yes/No
  • 12Show Comment Number : Yes/No
  • 13Show Views Number : Yes/No